PhD Diaries #2: Piloting a Methodology

Figuring out the bones of an initial methodology this week has left me with more questions than when I started! I’m putting myself at the center of my inquiry, and I am fully embracing that subjectivity. Who knows better than me my training, experiences, biases and fears? But it turns out maybe I don’t know… Continue reading PhD Diaries #2: Piloting a Methodology

PhD Diaries #1; First Explorations of Deep Listening

In an online Deep Listening workshop last week, we were asked to look around our rooms and think about an object and its sound potentials. There are bells that hang on my curtain rods, but they never ring, they are purely ornamental. I felt an overwhelming sadness that the bells weren’t doing what they were… Continue reading PhD Diaries #1; First Explorations of Deep Listening