PhD Diaries #3:First Attempt at Coding Auto-ethnographic Data

My first PhD performance research project is a chance for me to explore how my planning, practice, and preparation for alternative context performances differ from more traditional classical concerts. To do this, I’ve been collecting data from practice journals, emails between myself and venue organisers, transcriptions of rehearsals with the composer etc. This research is… Continue reading PhD Diaries #3:First Attempt at Coding Auto-ethnographic Data

PhD Diaries #2: Piloting a Methodology

Figuring out the bones of an initial methodology this week has left me with more questions than when I started! I’m putting myself at the center of my inquiry, and I am fully embracing that subjectivity. Who knows better than me my training, experiences, biases and fears? But it turns out maybe I don’t know… Continue reading PhD Diaries #2: Piloting a Methodology